JoAnn & DeWayne sold our house after others failed

"We had tried to sell our house in Leavenworth for several years. It was listed several times with various Real Estate Agents,we tried for a time to sell it ourselves.

We were beginning to think we would not sell the house for what ever reasons that were causing the lack of interest in our property.

JoAnn and DeWayne Hess were friends of ours before they became Realtors, so of course we were happy to have them list our house.  They took an interest that no one else had shown.  They helped us "stage" the house by giving us a video to watch on the subject of "prepareing your house to sell" and offered their time to make it happen.

They communicated often on what they were doing to advertise our home.  We feel sure that the amount of advertising and their personal interest are the key factors that sold our house by finding the right buyer in a reasonable amount of time.

The closing went very smoothly and was timely. We couldn't be happier with the kindness, interest, and the professional service we received from our real estate experience with JoAnn and DeWayne Hess."

Jackie and Loretta Camp


We Highly recommend Team Hess

"Several months ago we decided to sell our second home(in Leavenworth). I had been in the Real Estate business for 23 years so I knew what I wanted and needed in choosing a Realtor to sell our beautiful home. When we met and interviewed DeWayne and JoAnne Hess we felt we had met the right team. DeWayne and JoAnne are professional and fun to work with. They were knowledgeable about the market and knew how to market our home to sell quickly and at the best possible price. DeWaynes computer skills were outstanding and our home was marketed on six web sites. They also advertised in good Real Estate magazines and in the local newspapers. They were always available to accompany Realtors and customers to our home for showings and promoted all the special features our home had to offer. They also kept us informed of what transpired at the showings and promoted all the special features our home had to offer. They also kept us informed of what transpired at the showings and were honest with the comments people made.

Their moral ethics are outstanding, They work with honesty and integrity.

We are grateful our home sold to a wonderful new family and to DeWayne and JoAnne for all their efforts.

In our case DeWayne and JoAnne were dual agents and they handled the transaction in an ethical manner. Our buyers were equally pleased with the service.

We Highly recommend Team Hess".

Jerry and Barbara Rousey


JoAnn and DeWayne Worked So Hard For Us!

My husband and I recently moved to the Wenatchee area to start a dental practice. We chose this beautiful area for all it had to offer and we are very happy with our decision.

However, when we made the decision to move to Wenatchee, we did not know a soul in the area and we were living in Oklahoma. As you might imagine, this made finding property a dificult task. We were lucky enough to meet JoAnn and DeWayne Hess during one of our visits to the area a few years ago. The only reason we met them is because we stopped in at the  Real Estate office on Saturday, on the off chance someone might be there. It turns out someone was, and it was DeWayne Hess. We weren't completely serious about moving to the area at that time, so we kept his and JoAnns business cards for months and months until we made the final decision we were going to make the move to an area where we knew no one and try to make a go of a practice.

Lucky for us we kept their business cards because DeWayne and JoAnn proved to be wonderful contacts. They continually kept us updated on available properies and did all the leg work for us that we were unable to do living so far away.We first made an offer on a piece of property that did not go through, but it was for no fault of JoAnn and DeWayne. In fact, they worked very diigently and constantly with us through the process to try to make the offer work with us so far away. Although that offer did not go through it was a blessing in disguise since a few months later we found a piece of property that we fell in love with. Again, JoAnn and DeWayne worked very closely with us to make the offer work. I believe that one of the main reasons the offer went through was because JoAnn and DeWayne worked so hard for us.

Beyond helping us purchase a piece of property from a long distance away, they have proved to be very helpful even beyond the initial purchase. You might think that a realtor could close the deal and then walk away, but JoAnn and DeWayne have been available to us every step of the way, well beyond the initial purchase. We have had a few contract issues and they have been very helpfull wtih those. They have always been available for questions and have returned calls promptly, even months after we moved into our new home.

We are so happy to be in this area in our new home and we were very happy with JoAnn and DeWayne and feel lucky to have had them as Realtors. If you have any question about our experience with JoAnn and DeWayne, you are welcome to call us at 886-4252.

                                                                                 Robyn Mesdag


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