Spring is a time many home owners decide to list their Wenatchee homes and Staging Wenatchee real estateit's typically a booming market in the spring. Competing with all the other homes on the market at the same can be the downside while more buyers on the market is the upside. Many families want to move before school begins again or by the time school's out.

Homeowners have just come through winter and now need to begin preparing the home for sale in competition with all the other Wenatchee homes on the market.

To do this, the best place to start is to examine your competition. It's a great idea to get to know what your competition is going to be seeing and then you can better arrange your home to meet or better yet, exceed their previous tours.

Probably the best staged homes in the Wenatchee real estate market are the showrooms and model homes of new developments. While the development market has slowed the level of professionalism in the model homes has not. These are often professionally staged and purchased items that create a perfect sense of warmth and hominess. Although you probably can't go out and purchase all new decor you can take quite a few notes from the specialists that do this for a living.

Is there easy flow from one room to the other?

   You want to make sure your home flows from one room to another easily. Remember you will be having more than just one person tour your home as the buyer may have other people with them including their agent.

Is the home warm and inviting or cold and harsh?

    What do the colors of the rooms say? Keep paints warm and neutral, no red in the kitchen or bright green in the bathrooms. Again, take notes from the model homes.

Does the curb appeal invite others in?

    Buyers know right away if they want to look at a home further. Don't neglect the outside especially if the winter has taken it's toll on the landscape. Clean up and trim shrubs and trees; lay new mulch; trim, edge and mow grass; and plant colorful flowers. It's best to stick with one color of flower rather than too much variety. This makes a bold statement when you have one color of flower that stands out against the color of the house.

Allow room at the front door.

    Buyers and their agents will spend an awkward amount of time at the front door as the agent unlocks the key box. Make sure there is enough room for everyone to be there; don't set too many potted plants around. Freshen up the color on the front door and make the entrance as simple but inviting as possible.

These are just some simple Spring staging tips for your Wenatchee home. Remember, we help all sellers stage, price, list and sell their Wenatchee real estate. Please contact us anytime for updates on listings, local information and more.

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