Is there any reason to use a local Realtor when buying or selling Wenatchee real estate?

I've heard it and you probably have to. Why go with a professional or local Local Wenatchee RealtorRealtor? " I'm just going to use my cousin's best friend. She just started in the business and needs help. She lives a couple counties over but is more than willing to drive."

While this may be charitable on your part, you are missing the bigger picture.

Does it really matter if whom you use when buying or selling real estate?

I'm not going to tell you whom to use but I will tell you the benefits of using a local Wenatchee Realtor to sell your home rather than someone that may not know the area or the market.

When you're selling your home, not knowing the current market may have the agent telling you a different price than you really should be selling for. This can work both ways in selling too high or selling too low. If the agent doesn't know the market, down to the neighborhood, and they price the home too high you may end up sitting on the property for months chasing the market down farther and farther. If the Wenatchee property is priced too low you may get a quick sale but lose out on the profit you could have made if sold at the right price.

Using a local Realtor can make all the difference in world when selling. Only those agent and Realtor that know the city, neighborhood and community markets can really help stage and list to appeal to those buyers. If the agent doesn't know the buyers, they can't market as well to them. Not every market is the same and you may find buyers in certain areas that expect more out a home. Using a local Wenatchee Realtor can not only save you time but possibly money as well.

What about buying? Does it really matter whom you use to buy your home? Well, consider it in the same fashion as selling. If the agent doesn't know the market trends you can end up paying much more for a home that's really worth less in a particular neighborhood. Without knowing the market well enough, an agent can cheat their buyer out of the best deal or even the best home by not knowing specific communities.

So while it's nice to give a new agent a chance or even a relative, you must consider that you are dealing with thousands, if not hundreds of thousands of dollars here. It just doesn't make sense to trust your home, your investment or your future to anyone other than a local, seasoned professional.

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