Telling someone their home is priced to high is like telling a mother her children are ugly. There is just no right way to do it nor is it anything a seller wants to hear. But this is the biggest hurdle in selling Wenatchee real estate today.

Of course you can price your home so far below market value that it would be silly for someone not to buy it but is that profiting you at all? The key is finding that magical figure between "thats outragous" and "there must be something wrong with it".

Having the right agent can be a miracle worker in this situation. Having an agent that knows how to market the home correctly can make a world of difference. Buyers don't have a lot of incentive to buy right now. With the tax credit come and gone and rates still low, the inventory keeps piling up. If you don't have to sell at this time, it might be better to wait. If you still want to sell and have a considerable amount of equity in the home, you might still walk away with a good deal of change in your pocket.

If you are currently upside down in your mortgage meaning you owe more on the home than you could possibly get out it, you can either wait it out or consider allowing the bank to issue a short sale. This allows the bank to take what they can from the sale of the home and you wouldn't have to owe any more. The problem with this is, that the home is now completely out of your hands. This may be the only option though if you must sell.

If you have equity and can sell reasonably, price the home below your competition. The key is how far below. Too low and you may not get shown; too high and you might be overlooked. You must stress that the home has the same or better features as the competition but at a much better price. This is where the seasoned expertise of a great agent comes into play.

Let our team offer you a free listing presentation on how we would uniquely market your home and how to get buyers in the door for a fast sale. We specialize in Wenatchee real estate and would love to help you in your sale today. Call us anytime or send us an email.

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