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Buying a home or any property can be a stressful time but there are ways to help make the process go just a little more smooth. One of the biggest things is to have a buyers agent set in place before you even begin to look. Of course you think I'm going to say that, being an agent myself but this goes far beyond a buying Wenatchee homescommission. Let me explain:

Buyer's agents are crucial to buyers in a real estate transaction. Not only do they protect the buyer but they have a legal and ethical right to hold your interest above the seller of any Wenatchee home.

A seller typically pays a listing agent to list and market the home or property. That fee is a commission and it is split between the agent listing the home and the agent who brings the buyer. If that is the same agent, that agent gets the full commission. You can see why the listing agent also likes to be the buyers agent. But in that case, who is the agent really working for? Not the buyers fully because the agent wants the full commission of course.  Not every agent would take advantage of the situation but you just never know.

Now take an agent that is not listing any particular home but is solely out for the interest of the buyer. That agent makes sure the buyers find exactly what they are looking for, negotiates on their behalf for the best possible deal and holds confidential any information not required to be disclosed to the sellers. This can literally save a buyer thousands of dollars.

Plus, remember, the buyers agent will receive half the commission of whatever home the buyer chooses from the seller. So the buyers owe the buyers agent nothing for their services. There is really no reason not to use a buyers agent.

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Team Hess is excellent buyers agents meeting with you and going over all your finances and home requirements then searching out that perfect home or even helping you with a mortgage and a home loan. Get started the right way in real
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